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Computer Science Teacher Endorsement Fund

DPI’s Community Education Unit is focused on building computer science capacity in schools by equipping elementary school, high school, and community college educators to teach computing and tech-related courses.

DPI is partnering with UIUC’s College of Education, Chicago Public Schools, other universities, nonprofits, and corporations to provide the knowledge and tools that will enable educators to deliver high-quality and effective computer science classes.

Our goal: ​​to reduce disparities in computer science education across the state by endorsing hundreds of Illinois teachers in computer science, and supporting hundreds more through ongoing professional learning activities so that every Illinois high school is equipped with a qualified CS teacher.

The Teacher Computer Science Endorsement Fund covers the costs of tuition and other expenses related to ensuring that teachers who want to provide computer science in their schools have the skills and resources to do so.

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Digital Scholars Fund

DPI’s Digital Scholars program is an intensive summer program for high school students and incoming college freshmen to build computing skills, increase college and career-readiness, and make connections to Chicago’s dynamic tech community.

A partnership between UIC’s CHANCE program, UIUC’s Grainger College of Engineering, and UIUC’s College of Liberal Arts & Sciences, the program has reached more than 200 students to date and involved more than 100 representatives from Chicago’s tech community. Your gift will help us expand into new schools and reach even more deserving students.

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DPI General Fund

Help DPI create a stronger Illinois by preparing promising and diverse Illinoisans for lucrative and resilient tech jobs, by creating a place for our community to turn ideas into new products, and by growing businesses.

The DPI General Fund provides critical unrestricting funding that can be used where it is needed most to ensure that DPI’s impact continues to grow.

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